SPiS – Percussion teachers in Sweden
SPIS is a professional organisation for percussion teachers, founded in 1997 on the initiative of percussionists Joakim Anterot and Anders Holdar. The organisation is a platform for discussion, inspiration and the exchange of knowledge for some 150 SPiS members in Sweden.

SPiS days – the optimum training
SPiS days in October every year has teachers’ development in focus. For two days, we work on different methods of percussion teaching in our Education Forum. Stimulating guest lecturers, evening concerts and the SPiS annual meeting makes SPiS days the optimum training venue for every percussion teacher.

SPiS festival – ensemble performances
SPiS festival is held annually in spring. It is a day for teachers and their ensembles to meet in a long, noisy percussion feast. You show off, listen to other groups and participate in different work shops. The grande finale of the evening’s concert sees all the delegates performing together!

Become a member – take part in SPiS activities

www.spis.se is the place to find information about the organisation’s activites, see who is on the board, find interesting articles, photos and lots of other things. With the click of a button you can become a member and join lots of great colleagues around the country. Don’t miss out!

For more information contact us at kontakt@spis.se